Pierre Loving,  Broker/Realtor

June 2017

The residential real estate market in the East Bay is red hot. Listed properties on the market if priced right, have offers within a couple of weeks. Multiple bids are common as are over the asking price of accepted offers.  In Oakland, the following statistics will give you an idea of what is happening in one city in the East Bay;

Market Activity Summary for Oakland, Detached Single-Family Homes May 2017:
● Days-on-Market (DOM) year-to-date is approximately 21 days.
● Inventory: 272 units were listed for sale as of the last day of May –
approximately 2 months of inventory.
● Sales Activity: 246 single-family detached units were sold during May.
● Median Sales Price: $784,500 during May.
● Average sales price was 115.96% of the average list price during May

Let me know if you want the most recent statistics for your city in the Bay area and I will send them to you.

If you are a – BABY BOOMER, thinking of downsizing and getting rid of all of those things you haven’t used in years in your home, have rooms that you do not even go into and are paying taxes on the space, making monthly payments on landscaping and ongoing and unexpected maintenance expense, dealing with stairs that have become burdensome, why not move into something that suits and supports how you want to live at this time of your life?

After I sell your home and move you into new affordable digs that support your real baby boomer lifestyle, why not use some of that excess equity to enjoy yourself by starting on that bucket list? Call me and let me show you how to take the steps you need to move forward and make the changes in your life you have been thinking of. I can help you downsize, put you into a home that is suitable for you and your desired lifestyle and even help you move on that bucket list in an affordable manner.

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